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Niceberg Studios consists of a management and creative staff with proven track record in media and entertainment industries.  After many years of experience, we are proud to offer following high-end services:

4D Ride films and attraction films

Stepping into a simulator or 4D theatre means preparing for full immersion.

Movements and 4D effects (wind, water spray, fog, etc.) heighten the action on screen and create an amazing experience.

We contribute to these media-based thrills by constantly producing state-of-the-art 3D/4D content to simulators and 4D theaters in theme parks and science centers worldwide.

Stereoscopic computer animations

If your goal is to amaze an audience with stunning stereoscopic 3D, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We put high end animations and visual effects on screen, behind the screen, and in front of the screen. 

Produced for 3D cinema, 3D TV, 3D gaming and attractions, our stereoscopic animations always challenge an audience to fully participate in the action that surrounds them.

Visual effects and simulations

Turning reality into fiction, or fiction into reality, computer generated effects have become part of our daily lives. For us, it’s our daily business.

What may look natural in reality can be quite complex to produce in computer graphics. Fur, fluids, fire or smoke present huge challenges for visual effects artists.

For all visual effects you can think of, you can put us on your contact list.


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